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Objective: To obtain a position in the film/movie/broadcast industry

Work Experience:

Digital Domain Media Group, Port Saint Lucie, FL
*Rotoscope Artist creating mattes to be used for Stereographic 3d and VFX productions using Imagineer's Mocha
*Stereographic 3d Animator, in-house software
--Shipped titles inclue

MG Studios, Longwood, FL -- Freelance
*Rotoscope Artist with in-house experience preparing mattes for use in 3D stereoscopic works using Imagineer's Mocha.
*MOCAP speed rail stage setup and calibration using PhaseSpace's Master.
*MOCAP Data cleanup for Wii title "All Star Cheer Squad 2" using MotionBuilder.

Education: Full Sail, Orlando. Bachelor of Science Degree: Computer Animation
*Compositing using Apple's Shake and Adobe's Creative Suite (inc. After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro).
*Camera Tracking / Match Moving using sson tech's SynthEyes.
*Keying green/blue screen using Shake and After Effects.
*Wire Removal and Matte Rebuilding using Shake.